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Is Getting a Web Cam a Security Savior or Parents Worst Nightmare
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Is Getting a Web Cam a Security Savior or Parents Worst Nightmare
A webcam for home security with the "remote viewing" feature has been the subject of recent news reports. One story was extremely positive and shows the amazing life saving power of a home security camera. The other story is a warning for parents on the dangers of child pornographers and inexpensive webcams in children's bedrooms. Are home security web camera a security saver or parent's worst nightmare? Yes, it is. Saving A Life Half Way Around the World In November, 2005, when a 69 year old diabetic artist from Norway, living in California suffered a heart attack due to the low blood sugar level, she could have passed away had it not been for her webcam to monitor the security of her home. Her son who was in the Philippines saw her lying motionless on the couch through the remote view feature. The camera could show live action in his mother's living space even being half a distance away. Since she is vulnerable as a diabetic after he made a phone call and could see through the webcam security camera that he received no response from her, He was frightened. He was aware that she was in danger. He tried to contact California emergency officials with an international phone call from the Philippines, but couldn't reach them because he was not sure who to call. His brother was in Bergen, Norway. Luckily, his sister-in-law was also an American had the knowledge to reach emergency responders in the California town and an ambulance was dispatched immediately, arriving in five to 10 minutes. The woman's life was saved. Visit:- bondage bdsm Other Uses for Web Cam Surveillance There are many other instances of web cam remote monitoring saving the day for some one. There are several stories of families on vacation monitoring their webcam to monitor their home security from their hotel room at the resort, and being able to spot a burglar in act of pilfering their home. The protection of their webcam allowed them to quickly contact their local police department and the criminal was arrested! Many people use a web cam to protect their home as the "nanny cam" allowing them to keep tabs on how their children are taken care of. Some use this security camera at home to watch the home repair personnel or maids and guard against theft. The Dark Side of Web Cams For Children The second story that has been reported in the news lately concerning a webcam with remote access was an unprotected teenager who was abused for pornography. The 19 year old boy appeared during committee members of the House Energy and Commerce committee on the dangers of unsecured children's web cams. Parents take note of this story. The boy, who was then 13 He was offered a web camera as part of a contract with his ISP. It was not something he or his divorced parents thought much about it or the need for safeguards. He was lonely, and hoped to to make friends of his own age on the internet. In the end, a pedophile emailed him an email in a matter of minutes after his photograph appearing on a community website. Men were also on the lookout. The lonely boy thought that they were friends and were interested in him. In the end, one of the guys offered him $50 for the removal of his shirt before the camera of the webcam surveillance and helped him set up an PayPal account. Things became much, much worse and more risky for the child after that. He has recently handed over to the Justice Department the names of 1500 child molesters as well as child porn users. It's Up To You The positive side is that a camera for security at home can be an insurance plan, a way to be sure that everything is going smoothly in your home when you're away. It could serve as a security camera to monitor the baby's or an ill relative's room. The downside is that the very same webcam for security at home could also be used to invade the privacy of your family. If you do not set up security against it the home security web camera could transmit photos of your loved ones and information about your home's security to websites that criminals could access. If you decide to purchase a web cam for home security or surveillance be sure to understand the operation of the camera thoroughly, so that you only turn it off when you are planning for it to be turned on. It is important to ensure it's sending pictures where you intend. Be aware that an unsupervised web cam in the bedroom of a child can lead to problems. You may want to keep the web cam in the safe areas of your home, and disable the feature that streamed your web cam's photos onto an internet-based site. Find out what you can about web cam security software with features like motion detection, scheduling, email alerts and many more. A webcam to protect your home could give you a solid security option, but only if you select the best system and make use of it in a proper manner. It's also important to realize that a web camera system is only as good as the quality of its monitoring. Before you invest in and install a web camera system, you should look at the professional monitored security products for your home recommended by the majority of police departments. It is free to obtain a quote.

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