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Candidates for Direct Hire Staffing Often Start Out As Temp Workers
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Candidates for Direct Hire Staffing Often Start Out As Temp Workers
As of the end of October of 2010, 14.8 million people in the United States, approximately 9.6 percent of the working-age population of the nation had been unemployed. One million jobs were created in the private industry during this time, however, over eight million jobs went unclaimed in the economic downturn of the years 2008-2009. If you're seeking the perfect job now, these numbers indicate that you're in competition with 10 times the amount of candidates that were seeking jobs few years back. Your resume might not be enough to get you an interview, and if you're a recent graduate and have little or no experience, there's a possibility that you will not get an interview. Direct hire companies can assist you in finding the job you're seeking but there will be heavy competition for the position. Some of the first candidates selected are usually people who have worked as temporary workers in the area they are seeking a permanent position in. The experience provides better to potential employers beyond just interest or education. The hiring of a temp worker in the field can save a company hundreds and often thousands of dollars in training fees. If they recruit from their own pool of temp workers, there may not be any room. ASA Statistics for Temporary and Direct Hire Staffing The American Staffing Association (ASA) provides statistics each year on the temporary and direct hire industry of staffing. Their 2010 results illustrate that temporary workforce numbers are up, even while permanent employment numbers are decreasing. 8.6 million people worked for staffing Software Development Team companies this year alone. 79% of those have permanent positions. 88% have indicated that they use their temporary positions to build skills and experience for future employment. 90% of the organizations who employ temp workers provide free training in administrative, computer and clerical tasks, thus making their workers more valuable so they will be able to get more lucrative jobs or move on to permanent positions. Seasonal Direct Hire Positions Non-profit organizations and government agencies frequently use direct hire staffing agencies to find seasonal employees during busy times of the year. For instance, the United States Post Office is a good example. Every year during the holiday season, they take on new staff to handle the greater volume of gifts, cards and letters that are being delivered through the mail. UPS is a private business that does the same job, also employs additional sorters loaders, drivers, and sorters in the festive season. The jobs aren't always permanent positions, however they offer experience as well as resumes. As the economy improves and more jobs become available in the future, the knowledge you acquire when working on a seasonal basis can help you get an improved job. How Outsourcing is Improving the Job Market Much has been said about the many jobs that have been outsourced in recent times. It seems, as the nation we are, we don't really manufacture any of our products nowadays. Furniture, plastics, automobile as well as textiles are made by factories in Southeast Asia and other more affordable regions of the world. Businesses in America United States find, even with import taxes however, they still generate greater profits from factories that cost pennies an hour per worker , and do not have unions or mandatory health plans. This has led to the demise of many of the machines and light industrial positions which were once thought to be lucrative permanent positions that Americans could take on until retirement. The loss of these labor positions is part of the reasons for the high unemployment rate in the US however, it also has created a new niche which direct hire as well as temporary hiring agencies are actively looking for. These companies have shifted from being manufacturers to being managers and distributors. The infrastructure is in place to perform these tasks, and the workforce that makes up that infrastructure is in some instances as big as or larger than what the workforce employed by manufacturing. Lower cost of production has enabled businesses to boost their production capacity as well as add more clerical administrative staffing here at home. They offer a variety of jobs as they had in the past, but employment nevertheless. Many former workers are now retraining for jobs in offices. Learning New Technology Skills is the Key to Long Term Employment If you've lost your job in a field that has been declining for more than a decade chances are that you'll not find another job in that field. You can complain about the situation in life and remain at the house until your unemployment extensions expire, or take a new course and get a job in another industry. Training in new technology is the best way to secure long-term employment. If you apply to work today for a temporary or direct hire staffing firm, one of the first questions they'll ask you is if you have computer skills. If you don't, most companies will provide you with at least the basics. Community centers and public libraries throughout the nation also offer inexpensive or free courses you can take and there's no reason not to take the time to study. Advanced computer skills in programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can make you more valuable and will significantly boost the chances of getting a job. There are plenty of people grousing on Facebook about how our great jobs have been shipped overseas. They're missing the bigger picture. The jobs that were lost have been replaced, with better ones. A million new jobs were created this year, the majority of which were in the field of technology and administrative jobs. The IT, engineering, and health care sectors have seen growth of significant magnitude in the last year. Don't be patient waiting for your old job to be available again. Learn to perform an entirely new job. There are plenty of jobs available if you look around for them, and keep your eyes open for something completely different. You can visit a temp agency and take an hourly job as you search for a job. You can take advantage of the free training they offer as well as gain the experience necessary to find an even better permanent job once it becomes available.

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