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How To Make Cash With A Niche Blog Versus A General Blog
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How To Make Cash With A Niche Blog Versus A General Blog
A Niche Blog Versus A General Blog If you're an expert in this IM (that's Internet Marketing) market, a lot of people can advise you that if want to blog for money it's best to start a new blog specifically focused on a specific niche and simply blog about that. And to monetize it then you'll need to create affiliate marketing like ClickBank and use Google AdSense and maybe sell ebooks. They may also tell you that it's going to be more difficult to generate income from blogs that are too general, one that talks about all kinds of things and doesn't have a focus. In reality, each has its own good points and drawbacks. Let's look at a blog that is niche as opposed to a more generalized blog to help you decide which one fits you best. The Niche Blog This is when you choose one specific area of importance to discuss and that's all you talk about. One example is my husband's blog about deer hunting. It's a targeted area. It's not a lot of talk about hunts for elk or small game hunting bear or anything else. It's just deer-doe and buck. Since we are near the coast of the Atlantic, this hunter seldom is hunting outside Pennsylvania and, therefore, the majority of our writings are basing on his 35 years of experience hunting in the frigid winter woods. The bookmarks blog I have is a different type of a niche blog because it focuses on wedding and party planning in relation to bookmarks as favors. Subtopics in a niche blog There are plenty of subtopics related to deer hunting too. And we haven't even touched the surface of it because we've been busy with our other business ventures. In addition, because we don't have a hunter in the family, I pretty much must "fake the hunt" and then have my husband go through my blog entries before I publish them up on the blog. For more detail please visit:- 먹튀검증 บาคาร่าออนไลน์ 슬롯사이트 카지노사이트 pick3dprinter 2m wide roller banner stand So what subtopics come into the category of hunting deer? We talk about bows, guns, gear, types of hunting seasons for deer, gear trees, tree stands etc. There are also posts on camping, since a lot of hunters actually camp while they're hunting too. And finally, there's how to use the deer once you've got one. It's possible to create blankets with the pelt, lamps using the hoofs, and we shouldn't forget about the recipes for venison too. With the bookmarks website I write about a couple of topics in addition to wedding and party planning. One of them is using bookmarks to fundraise or promotional purposes for businesses. How do you monetize an individual blog? Every way. I'm looking to create some videos together with my hubby to increase the appeal of his blog more appealing , and hopefully generate some residual income through it since I've invested an enormous amount of time and effort into that blog! A few options for monetization include YouTube ads, e-books and affiliate links on Amazon as well as eBay. My husband can be recorded writing product reviews about the products he utilizes when hunting, including special detergents for washing clothes to remove smells and odors prior to heading out to the woods. In reality, even with a niche blog on deer hunting there are plenty of things that can be done using it. It takes patience, focus and some creativity however, the majority of topics no matter how minor they may be could be expanded to stay on the right track. Also, if your website is based around certain times or seasons, you may see more visitors during those trending seasons more than at other times of the year. Wedding blogs for instance seem to receive the majority of their readers in January and March, right around the period of all of the local bridal shows. This seems to be when the majority of brides-to-be begin planning their weddings in earnest to plan their weddings in the fall and summer months. Similarly, my husband's deer hunting blog tends to get quite a bit of traffic during hunting seasons. What's The Deal With General Blogs I would like to think of a general blog as a kind of online magazine. You can pick up the latest beauty magazines from a bookshop and read articles on fashion trends, and the reverse is true. The "Ladies Home Journal" magazine is a magazine that may focus on things to do at the home, but also includes reviews on family travel , and even short stories. What is the point of having an all-purpose blog as opposed to a niche blog? So, here's my thought process behind one of my website conversions. It started as a niche web site that was solely focused on general transcription. It was also an online freelance business from home. I also had a website that was a niche for nail art. The sites I mentioned weren't particularly success on their own as I didn't have enough time to focus on each one individually. So I decided that because I take care of nail polish at home and save money when working at home, it relates to working from home in a sort of way. The fact that you only have one blog that has a mix of information will make the blog up to anyone who's working at home and trying to make money and reduce expenses. This is when I decided to create a general blog on working from home, in general and then I made subcategories to discuss nail art transcription, Internet Marketing, SEO and more. There are lots of popular blogs designed in the same manner. So is one blog type better than the other? It's up to you. If you think that you'll have an easier time talking about one specific area, and you have many resources on this particular niche, then you should create an online blog that is focused on niches and stick to a single topic. If you're interested in a variety of topics but don't wish to register five or ten domain names and build many blogs, choose which general topic any of your other topics could fit into quickly. Maybe at some point you'd like to become "the authority" on any of the subtopics and branch it out on its own. Maybe not. If you've got time dedication, energy, imagination and drive to make your blog successful and make money then you'll keep it up because you enjoy it . Your passion and excitement will show through your blog's content. In summary There is no need to start small niche blogs anymore if you believe you do not have the time to each of them to ensure that they're all profitable and earn money. If you want to create a general blog that is devoted to many different subjects, go for it. Be sure to conduct some keyword research for every topic, and should you be able to do so you can tie the topics with the general theme of your blog. When you're creating your blog, remember that each blog post or page which you've made is being indexed in the search engines of its own right , using the terms you pick. Make categories for the different topics. As for making money with any blog, there's AdSense, ClickBank, and don't forget to mention YouTube! If you're able to make videos for every blog post, you could gain a following faster because people can see your blog "in person" every time they visit your blog.

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