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Do Not Worry, Heaven Is A Spiritual Ghetto
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Do Not Worry, Heaven Is A Spiritual Ghetto
We all have a destination when we're in a crisis and especially when we took it easy for a while and find ourselves in a difficult life, after having taken the convenience too lightly. I'm saying that heaven is how thankful we are for the good times, and hell the sadness we feel when we are forced to be the ones to pay for the bad times. Deliverance is when we finally get rid of the cycle of bad and good and simply know the whole story. Sure, I can fool you by saying "do not fret, be content" as a magical 'all-encompassing, poker game-playing expert with a gorgeous smile' and tell you that it will all be fine with no effort or work, all you have to do is pray without putting in time planning, effort or work. The real way to be happy is to earn, baby. Earning for yourself. The fire is burning, baby. I am now thinking about my thoughts are turning to the British Royal Family and their lavish glass homes as well as ivory tower palaces. Heaven is a self-made, self-controlled ghetto where I can earn in my daily life. Hell however, is a gilded palace that has no real satisfaction from a human. It is necessary to be a bit more arduous to achieve what you would like. For more detail please visit:- In reality, however, to get what you really want, you must plan and plan well make money and earn it efficiently, and finally achieve what you would like. It is not a given or easy job. You don't want to move effortlessly down and up, you'd like to get upwards with a solid foundation, earning and learning your way out of servitude. Indeed, also the true devil is being oppressed and not being ruled with courage. God's plan is not to let yourself get lost and maintain a realistic positive outlook. Getting out of crisis yourself is key, succumbing to the pressure is always a negative thing in the end. Sure, I have a view of hell and heaven, resembling the blind poet John Milton. Isn't that where the reality of everything begins and ends in the great universe of the mind, spirit and body of goodness? The good of life, existence, doing something , and being able to live the way you wish and require to live your life without being controlled by the public opinion, and where you or anyone can genuinely and rationally do whatever they like? Joshua Clayton is my name and I'm a freelance writer located in Inglewood. While I've used a few pen names and pseudonyms in order to write, Joshua Clayton is my real name and I continue to write as Joshua Clayton. I am a philosophical writer and objective thinker and honest, active taker. I also work in an older center in Gardena, California as my day job, among other things, however, primarily I am a writer

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